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International Functional Health

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We offer a wide range of high quality Functional Medicine Consulting, Sports and Injury Rehabilitation and Corporate Wellness programs.

Ready To Impact The Health Of Over 1 Million People?

Help us make our communities healthier! Our mission is to impact the health and vitality of over 1,000,000 people in the next 5-10 years by taking them out of chronic pain and disease and increase their ability to perform at a high level.

We provide an on-going system of cutting-edge education and development to a network of providers who serve in creating a fundamental shift on how we think about health and wellness. We offer our patients, clients and customers a more preventative action approach leading to long-term success.

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Achieve Health USA provides corporate and individual wellness programs as well as functional medicine consultations.

  • International focus – we work with clients throughout the world.

  • Performance Therapist – search our directory for a qualified Performance Therapist.

  • PT Academy – receive CEC credits to continue your education.

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Advance your career with niche market CEC-approved certifications to help you brand yourself as an expert and grow your business or take it to the next level and become a national CEC provider or instructor! If you are in the fitness or therapy industry, read below to find the market that most interests you!

This page shows locations & dates of speaking events for Ari Gronich advocating Physical Wellness around the world.

Achieve Health USA is a leader in the Functional Health and Wellness Movement. For two decades AH-USA’s CEO Ari Gronich has led the charge towards health for thousands of people.

Our priority is to inspire sustainable behavior change and guide employees to live their healthiest, happiest lives. Our unique coaching methodology combines evidence-based practices with a sequential process that touches the physical, emotional, and environmental spheres of each participant’s life.

Whether you are a Self Employed Entrepreneur or the CEO of a large company, lack of focus, poor posture, ergonomics, and chronic repetitive motion injuries will cost you.

During our lunch and learns we will discuss – how will you maintain an effective staff and be as productive as you want to be in your business? A huge concern for companies is the cost of presenteeism. This refers to the fact to health concerns, they are not working optimally.

Other topics we will discuss:

  1. Decrease or eliminate repetitive motion injuries and chronic workplace fatigue.
  2. Increase your company’s productivity as well as employee retention and loyalty.
  3. Decrease your health insurance costs and employee turnover costs – thus also new employee training costs.
  4. Increase the overall health and vitality of your company while earning more money.

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