3 Holistic Pain Management Methods

Chronic pain isn’t something that is easy to deal with. After pain has gone on for a few days, it starts to distract you from what is really important in your life. Whether you are dealing with an injury or illness, finding a way to treat your pain can help improve your quality of life. A lot of people try to avoid prescription pain medications. They can be highly addictive, make you drowsy and aren’t always good for your body on a long-term basis. Looking for a more holistic way to treat your pain can be beneficial. Let’s take a look at three holistic pain management methods.

Healing Touch

Healing touch isn’t just about massage or physically manipulating the body in a way that reduces pain. This integrative medicine approach utilizes the hands to balance, energize, and center parts of the body that are in need of healing. This method of pain relief is part of the practice of Reiki, and an experienced professional should understand the importance of using different forms of healing touch. Massage therapy and acupuncture are also part of this method.

Magnetic Healing

A magnetic healing professional will use magnetostatic fields and permanent magnets to expose certain affected areas of the body to this alternative method of healing. These static magnetic fields are designed to reduce inflammation, promote blood flow, etc. Despite the fact that little research has been done on this method of healing for chronic pain and other conditions, many people utilize it. There are bracelets that can be worn daily to promote a balanced body. There is evidence to suggest that manipulating magnetic fields can block pain signals from nerve fibers.


CBD oil is something that many people are using on a regular basis to treat chronic pain. This cannabinoid can reduce pain and inflammation in the body, assist with arthritis, help heal an injury and balance the body overall. This holistic pain management method is gaining popularity rapidly.

If you are looking for ways to naturally relieve the pain that you’re experiencing, you may want to turn to a holistic practitioner for advice. It’s important to make sure that the method of pain relief that you’re thinking about will be safe for the condition you are treating. The good news is, there are plenty of natural options you can try if chronic pain is something you are becoming all too familiar with.