4 Ways to Combat Arthritis

Arthritis is an ailment that, contrary to popular belief, isn’t restricted to old age. In fact, arthritis can be caused by other factors such as diet or even by performing certain tasks on a regular basis. Regardless of the cause of your arthritis, you do not have to be subjected to a lifetime of medication because of it. Here are some alternative ways to find relief from the symptoms of arthritis.

Stay Moving

Since arthritis is basically the stiffening of your joints, maintaining your flexibility through stretching and exercise can greatly help to improve your symptoms. Yoga and other low-impact types of exercises can help with flexibility and help ease the discomfort as well.

Hot and Cold Therapy

If you can’t get to the gym, there are things you can do at home as well. Long soaks in baths or hot tubs can help relieve arthritis symptoms. Hot therapy is great for relieving stiffness and making joints more flexible while soaking in cold water can help reduce pain. There are plenty of spas in Breckenridge that offer hot and cold treatments that can help with arthritis symptoms. This service works especially well for someone who cannot perform exercises since the temperature of the water will do most of the work. When you are soaking in the warm tub, the heat causes the blood flow to increase and the muscles to relax. Coldwater will restrict those blood vessels and by alternating between the two, you can achieve a sort of pumping action. This is great for reducing inflammation, improving circulation and excreting waste. Some kinds of pumps and styles of tubs are designed specifically for these sorts of treatments

Get Massages

Having a massage performed by a professional can help provide fast relief from pain. Regular massages along with proper range-of-motion techniques can help you with increased mobility and significantly reduce pain without the need for medication.

Weight Loss

Although losing weight may not necessarily alleviate your arthritis altogether, it can definitely help to ease much of the symptoms. That is because having excessive weight on your body can actually add pressure to your hips, feet, and joints. By shedding a few pounds, you may find that you have increased mobility and in turn, reduced pain as well. These are just some of the ways that you can treat your arthritis without having to take medications. Whether you like a holistic approach such as acupuncture or you prefer physical activity like yoga, there are options that can provide fast as well as long-lasting relief.

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