6 Unconventional Holistic Health Fixes

Medicine is meant to fix our health problems and bring hope to patients. This, however, is not so for patients who take medication only to suppress symptoms. Holistic medicine, on the other hand, does not concentrate on the illness because it looks at health as the wellbeing of the whole body. This holistic approach takes into consideration the connection that exists between mind, body, and spirit. To achieve wellbeing, these types of therapies work on improving the overall well-being of the person—after this, any manifested health concerns as well as latent ones, subside to improve the overall condition and lifestyle of the individual.

Holistic Therapies

There are numerous unconventional paths to achieving better health. Their approaches and methods are slightly different, but all lead to the same path of wellness.


Acupressure is a century-old Asian technique for activating certain energy points in the body by using the hands to apply pressure. When activated, the points on the body open to energy flow, release withheld tension, and improve emotional well-being. Scientifically, this is observed as the triggered release of endorphins increase blood-supply and oxygenation of different body parts to relieve pain and heal them.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is part of the osteopathic approach to healing different body parts. According to its principles, the cranial bones are connected to parts of the body and the central nervous system. The therapy itself is gentle massages on the bones of the skull and the base of the spine. Practitioners use a light touch to find sources of tension in the body and through movement of the fluids inside help the correlating body part self-correct its problems.

Flower Essences

Similar to the homeopathic principles, the flower essences created by a physician and surgeon by the name of Edward Bach use the frequencies of different plants to achieve a subtle healing effect that works on a vibrational level. Certain emotional conditions in the body cause distress to different organs. The flower essences work to correct these deviations and improve the tangible condition of the organ or body systems.


Water in its different forms is used to maintain health. This could be achieved through steam or hot baths, saunas, wet body wraps, or aquatic therapy. Sweating in saunas and hot water baths help in the release of toxins through the pores of the skin. Being like the third kidney of the body, the skin reacts with the water in its numerous forms to release accumulated toxins.


Reiki is an ancient form of treatment that achieves results through the use of energies and the hands of the practitioner. As strange as it sounds to some, energy is at the base of all matter. All changes in matter, including tangible diseases, are a manifestation of an energetic imbalance. This is why psychic readings are useful in determining the cause of manifested health problems—they diagnose the energetic form of a disease before it even appears.

The Reiki therapist hovers with their hand over our biofield to normalize energy fields and reconnect the body with the universal sources of energy. Stagnant energy spots are dispersed, and the energy in the body is restored.


Herbs contain elements in them that if taken in certain proportions and ways help with different diseases. Herbs are very potent, and there are even many medications that contain active ingredients from herbs. It is a natural and safe way of influencing your body to heal.


Yoga is a practice that combines exercise, breathing, and relaxation. The deep breath and different body positions influence certain parts of the body to relax deeply and improve their blood supply. The long breaths that are taken during the exercises stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to lower blood pressure and allow healing to take place. Yoga helps muscles relax and strengthens them to improve the overall posture and functioning of the body.


This therapy uses minerals from the sea in the form of body scrubs or wraps. The minerals found in the sea are natural to the human body. Once they are absorbed into the skin, the body uses them to increase circulation in order to introduce fresh blood to stagnant spots and increase the outflow of toxins through the skin pores.


Despite initial skepticism towards therapies that had no tangible methods of affecting the body, the positive results achieved on millions of patients has propelled science to investigate the fine mechanisms that drive our bodies and their functions. Even the laws of physics prove the connection between subtle energy manipulations and tangible physical results.


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