Could Your Preworkout Be Hurting You Long Term?

Working out consistently is an effective way to stay in shape. It can help keep your weight in check and improve your bone density strength. All those visits to the gym that you are making today can have benefits that last a long time. The primary focus of your workout is on the workout yourself, but you also have to consider your pre-workout. What you do before heading to the gym will have a lot to do with whether that workout will be a success. 

Not Considering Your Macros

Just as your car needs gas to drive, your body needs “fuel” to operate, too. That is especially true when you are going to be pushing your body to extremes doing a workout. Because time is sometimes a factor, it is easier to rush through a meal before working out. Unfortunately, a lot of those powdered mixes and shakes that are designed for an energy boost also contain a lot of calories. This can throw off your macros count and can lead you to working twice as hard at the gym to burn off those calories. A smarter approach would be to schedule enough time to make your own healthy pre-workout meal. The focus should be on protein. 

Too Much Caffeine May Hurt You

Another concern with those mixes is that they contain a lot of caffeine. It might seem like you would benefit from that caffeine “wake-up call” before your workout session. However, once you start working out, you will quickly increase your heart rate, which is similar to what caffeine does. There is also a concern about becoming addicted to caffeine. Long-term caffeine use has been shown to lower attention and focus in truckers. In other words, the caffeine is having the opposite reaction to its intended purpose. That could also happen with your workout sessions where focus is vital. 

Rushing Through Stretching

Anyone who engages in exercise is encouraged to stretch out his or her body before he or she gets started. Stretching helps to get the blood circulating and to loosen the muscles so that they can become more pliable during the workout. If you rush through the stretching or skip it altogether, then that can lead to injury, and an injury can disrupt your workouts. You should always factor in five to ten minutes of good stretching before any workout, even if it means cutting the actual workout short. 

By devoting time and consideration to your pre-workout habits, you will enhance what follows and support your efforts. It is all part of the same goal.

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