Gym Management Services

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Project Description

Gym Management Services

Let us equip and manage your corporate gym
The Achieve Health USA approach to Corporate/Business Fitness Center Management provides clients with the confidence that their program will be successful and ultimately demonstrate enhanced employee fitness levels, positive lifestyle changes and reductions in cardiovascular risks. The scope and size of Achieve Health USA(s) managed programs are as diverse and unique as our clients are. Let us build a program tailored to your needs today!

Fortune 500 company Western Union’s On-site Gym That was developed by our gym development team and Achieve Health USA provides staffing and services for.

No matter what you are looking for we have it and if we dont we will try to find it for you!
Looking for design assistance? Our Equip your Gym Facility Design Team works with your staff to create a health and fitness center that meets your needs– for both the business and the people or if you just need to replace some equipment we look forward to taking care of you.
  • Exercise and Nutrition Tracking – and a Wealth of Education for your clients- Give your clients more more and seperate yourself from the competition.
  • Professional Client Assessment Tools – Have your own assessment right online
  • Mental Health – Check out the incredible mental health services you can now help your clients with and use to expand and grow your business.
  • Kids Fitness & Wellness – Never forget the power of helping kids within your business and the financial opportunities available in this industry. We have the system to help you achieve success in this forum.
  • Corporate Programs – Not just does Achieve Health USA offer this program to individuals exclusively through our licensing program system to create great wealth and opportunity we give you the opportunity to promote and sell our wellness program to the corporate world creating you huge opportunities.

  • Incentive Program for your Clients – Not only does Achieve Health USA provide you with this great program and opportunity as a licensing owner we provide an incentive store so as your clients or customers are getting results they earn rewards from Fundamental Fitness Products, Equip your Gym and many other national vendors of this program.  What a great way to keep and maintain business within your company, by providing a incentive program- We do it all for you!
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Worksite Services

Fitness Center Design

  • Employee Interest Survey
  • Employee Demographic Analysis
  • Participation Projections (membership & utilization)
  • Access Pass System
  • Peak Attendance Determination
  • Facility Square Footage Recommendations & Layout
  • Recommended Staffing Configurations
  • We manufacturer equipment to provide you the best pricing available as you buy direct:Estimated Facility, Equipment & Management Costs.  We manufacturer our own line of commercial equipment and also remanufacturer equipment providing you every option and the top pricing available in the industry. 
  • We manufacturer accessories to provide you the best pricing available as you buy direct:  We have a line of group exercise products, education and more as we own Fundamental Fitness Products
  • Equipment Recommendations, Selection & Layout
  • Ongoing Facility Design & Consultation Throughout Construction
Fitness Center Management
  • Marketing and Promotional Campaigns
  • Company Facility & Events Planning
  • Free Demonstration & Training Days for the Employees and Staff
  • Staff Recruitment, Training and Compensation Management
  • Financial Planning and Budget Management
  • Program Mission & Goal Development/Strategic Planning & Outcomes
  • Medically Oriented Participant Screening, Testing and Re-Testing Services
  • Exercise and Training Programs
  • High Risk Member Management
  • Group Exercise, Sports & Recreation Programming including TWIST Sports Training 
  • Participation Incentives & Adherence Programs
  • Program Evaluation and Tracking Systems
  • Complete Operations Management
  • We are the exclusive organization offering the globally fit and well program which is the top wellness program in the world with over 35 million users.

Company Size:

It doesn’t matter if you have 4 or 30,000 employees: Achieve Health USA works with all size companies so give us a call today. 

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Let us provide your company the largest wellness program in the world 

The globally fit and well program currently has over 35 million users on it and is the top corporate wellness program in the world.  Fill-out the no obligation wellness proposal and we would be glad to show your business how the globally fit and well program can help make your company well and improve your bottom line. 
Other incredible features in what will become one of your top revenue producers and wellness program:
  • Stress management
  • Ask a Nurse
  • Ask a Psychologist
  • Ask a Doctor
  • Ask a Health Coach
  • Ask a Therapist
  • Ask a Life Coaching
  • Stop Smoking Programs
  • Kids Programming
  • Virtual Trainer to provide your employees pictures of exercises and an exercise program
  • Complete Nutrition Tracking Program
  • Healthy Choice Recipes-  the most viewed page in the program with 10s of thousands of recipes
  • Articles- A complete area of health related articles. Do a search and get the information your looking for
  • Chat Rooms- Enter in one of our structured chat rooms at anytime to discuss wellness and other related topics.
  • much more……
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