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Become An Performance Therapy specialist

As an Certified Performance Therapy specialist, you’ll move people in ways you never thought possible. Utilizing movement as treatment, Performance Therapy specialists guide those suffering from injuries and chronic disease towards a healthier life by designing programs that not only help alleviate the symptoms of chronic health conditions, but prevent them from occurring altogether.

As an Certified Performance Therapy specialist, you will represent a critical link between clinic and community, serving as valued member of the patient healthcare team and working alongside healthcare providers and other allied health professionals.

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How to become a Certified Performance Therapy specialist

Today’s clients oftentimes suffer from a variety of chronic medical conditions, requiring a health and fitness professional that holds specialized, comprehensive knowledge in medical fitness. The Performance Therapy specialist study program was created to help individuals gain valuable expertise in creating programs for clients with a range of medical conditions. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Certified Performance Therapy specialist, here are a few steps to make the process seamless.

Do your Research

Once you’ve decided that becoming a Certified Performance Therapy specialist is right for you, the first (and extremely important) step is choosing a certification program. Of all the similar certification programs available, only a few are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Considered the gold standard in health and fitness, NCCA accreditation ensures programs for a wide range of industries meet defined standards of excellence for performing a specific job. It’s also the standard recognized by leaders (and employers) in fitness and medical communities.

Performance Therapy specialist?

A Performance Therapy specialist focuses on improving health and fitness conditions for those who have different medical concerns. Their clients are typically referred to them after completing a sports rehab program and are still in need of improvement through a fitness program specific to their condition.

This type of health and fitness specialist is different from other professionals because their specialty is more focused on improving medical conditions through a program that is tailored to their current fitness level. Personal trainers are typically more focused on improving weight or performance levels through circuit training, cardiovascular activity or balance and training. Whereas a Health and Wellness Specialist may be more focused on improving your health and fitness through specific diet and fitness programs.

A Day-in-the-Life

A growing career opportunity for Personal Trainers and Wellness Professionals is becoming a Post Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist or Performance Therapy specialist, so what does a specialist typically do during their day?

Certified specialists typically start each meeting with their client with a fitness assessment so they understand the current state of their medical condition. They will also perform a musculoskeletal screening and use the information in addition to science (anatomy, etc) to better understand their condition and how their body will respond to a fitness program. The results are then used to develop a program that will improve their medical condition.

When working with a client it’s important that all specialists understand their clients condition and can make changes to the fitness program if the client or their particular condition isn’t positively responding to the program. Continued assessments are made throughout the client relationship to ensure that the client’s condition is improving and their goals are being met.

How Can I Become A Performance Therapy specialist?

AFPA is dedicated to providing education that will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career in the health and fitness field. Our courses will teach you how you can develop safe and effective programs that will improve performance and medical conditions through health conscious decisions. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Performance Therapy specialist, visit our website, and subscribe to our blog for more information on health and fitness!

What is the Difference between Physical Therapy and Medical Exercise?

Although it may first appear that physical therapy and medical exercise are one in the same, they are actually separate areas of specialty that have distinct purposes. Physical therapy is rehabilitative in nature and is completed under the care of a physical therapist or athletic trainer.

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