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Project Description

Presented by Ari Gronich Performance Therapist Educator

Ari Gronich“My industry-leading medical exercise program helps provide professionals with the clinical skills and business building practices to work with clients who have chronic pain, recurring injuries, and limiting medical conditions. I provide you the opportunity to help more people and earn greater income.”

Sports and athletics have always been a big part of my life – beginning with gymnastics and baseball in my childhood, and exploring tennis and cycling as a teenager. A dedication to a multitude of martial arts forms over the last 20 years has helped to round out my athletic interests. In my late teens, while watching the Olympics, my world was rocked by a life-changing epiphany. I realized that with the way human beings are constantly breaking world records, there seemed to be a virtually unlimited potential locked within us. My quest to discover the secrets of the human potential led me on a journey that continues today.

My name is Ari Gronich “The Performance Therapist” and I have worked with Olympic, Paralympic, professional, and amateur athletes for my almost 20 year career. I have over 25,000 hours of hands on work and 5000 plus hours of training and internship.  Through the years I have developed my unique methodology, ARI Sports Therapy, by selecting and combining techniques from a number of disciplines including:  the USSR Sports Federation, martial arts, gymnastics, various body work methods, sports therapy, personal training, performance enhancement, corrective exercise, and kinesiology.  I approach each athlete as a unique set of challenges – cartilage, tendons, joints, muscles, bone, lungs, heart, and brain – that must all work together and be in balance to maximize immediate and long-term performance.

Ari Gronich

Evaluation Principles and Skills, Advanced Upper and Lower Body Flexibility, and Strength Training.

Intro and Developing Your Intuition and Evaluation Skills.

Learning the basics of palpation and honing your senses will allow you to give the highest level of individualized care. Enhance your diagnostic prowess while learning markers for injury and disease that will affect the results you get with your clients.

Introduction to Multi-Directional Resistance Stretching – Lower Body

The majority of injury and pain in our bodies is due to stiff muscles that are not prepared for the movements we call on them to perform. We will experience the opening of our feed, angles, calves, knees, and all the way up through the lower half of our body into the hips and pelvis and the lower core muscles. Flexibility training is not just for sports and athletics.

Introduction to Multi-Directional Resistance Stretching – Upper Body

Increase flexibility allows us to perform at peak levels with all sports as well as help avoid injury and pain in our most vulnerable areas such as lumbar spine, cervical spine, and shoulders. Begin at the upper pelvic center of the core and continue to the lower abdomen, rib cage, upper abdomen, and throughout the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck, and arms.

Program Design and Development, Principles in Action, and Mindset of Change.

Advanced Exercise for Rehabilitation and Injury PRevention.

You will spend time experiencing and facilitation non-impact training methods that not only build muscle strength, leverage, flexibility, and endurance, but also service to help prevent future injuries from occurring and also rehabilitate current and acute injuries.

Program Design and Development

You will be introduced to methods so that you (a) recognize each person’s physical and mental starting place, (b) develop an individualized program, and (c) progress a client through a program and/or modify the program to adapt to the client’s needs as they change.

We will be creating programs based on several scenarios. You will be teamed up with a partner to go through the client history and develop protocols and programs that address all needs of the client as an individual.

Introduction to Creating the Mindset of Change

This module looks at how we think when treating our clients, as well as helps us recognize the markers that we look at for developing programs that help them get healthy. We will address everything from detoxification and brain chemistry to meditation and taking the best elements from all healing modalities to improve the outcomes for our clients.


  • The top education available in the medical exercise industry
  • Industry recognition
  • Increase income potential including client development systems
  • Ongoing education
  • Marketing power to achieve financial goals including your own back office HUB. You can log in any time!
  • FREE yearly conferences to help Weekly mastermind group withYour own marketing and advertising materials
  • Branding systems with marketing and client development you grow your business client development emphasis
  • Work with industry leaders
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  • Much more…

How To Get Certified

Level 1

  • Complete the Level 1 Performance Therapy Academy course
  • Complete 30 practical hours of teaching Performance Therapy Academy Level 1 material
  • Document progress of two clients

Level 2

  • Complete the Level 1 Course
  • Complete the Level 2 course
  • Complete 30 practical hours of using the Performance Therapy Academy Level 2 material
  • Document progress of five clients

Who can become certified? ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY interested in obtaining medical exercise skills.

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How To Become A National Instructor

For those who seriously want to take their career to the next level!

  • Complete Level I Certification course
  • Complete Level II Certification course
  • Complete Master Instructor course
    • This is a Retreat-Style Intensive course digging down deep into conditions and treatment plans. It includes program designs and training principles. We also include a Marketing and Sales training in order to show you how to effectively market and sell your Performance Therapy Academy courses.
  • Complete a 6-month Internship Program designed to take you through a minimum of 10 case studies. This tracks the progress of your clients as you take them through these principles.
  • Assist a Master Coach in a Level land a Level II Workshop (This will be your practical teaching assessment).
  • Join the Master Trainer Membership or Licensing program.

Who can become a National Instructor?

Level II Performance Therapy Academy approved instructors.

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What Is A National Instructor And What Are The Benefits?

Would you like to increase your income while teaching the professionals? We provide you the opportunity to become a national educator.

  • Become a national educator and CEC instructor
  • Teach the professionals
  • Work with industry leaders
  • Have incredible branding power
  • Income potential exceeds six figures
  • Ongoing support and coaching
  • Ongoing education and national conferences
  • National and International recognition
  • Become an industry leader
  • Ongoing business growth systems provided
  • Much more…
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Host Performance Therapy Academy Courses

The benefits of becoming a host.

We offer you the opportunity to host workshops for great recognition and profit.

Benefits of being a host facility:

  • Profit and increase revenue
  • Become an education provider
  • Earn and provide CEC’s
  • Work with an industry ICON
  • Marketing development programs
  • Increase your network

Benefits of being a host fitness pro:

  • Income potential is outstanding
  • Professional growth
  • Become a CEC provider
  • Gain marketing and branding power
  • Work with industry leaders

We are looking for host locations throughout the USA

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What Achieve Academy provides you:

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INCOME POTENTIAL – How much can earn?

Certified PTA Level and Il Instructors

  • Income potential exceeds industry averages
  • Professionals with a specialty certification earn more
  • Professionally separate yourself from other instructors
  • Use your back office HUB for ongoing education and support
  • Teach one-on-one and small groups to maximize your profits
  • PTA Instructors earn more

National Instructors

PTA can qualify you as a National Instructor which provides you the opportunity to become a national CEC provider.

Exclusivity – The PTA National Instructor program is here to provide you the opportunity to earn more in fewer hours and increase your professional base! PTA instructors have numerous other opportunities to double or triple the totals above with our additional revenue opportunities. Contact a Performance Therapy Academy Representative for more information.

  • The amount earned per person in your class ranges from $100 – $150 depending on your level
  • This opportunity is available exclusively to Achieve Systems members or licensees.


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Level 1 Course

$5991 Time Fee
  • Gain Access To Level 1 Course

Level 2 Course

$5991 Time Fee
  • Gain Access To Level 2 Course

Pay For Both & Save!

$9991 Time Fee
  • Gain Access To Both Course 1 & 2

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