Don’t Let Your Desk Job Get the Best Of You

If you working a desk job 40 hours/week, your body can experience metabolic changes that can lead to several different health problems. To overcome the damage from a sedentary job, you must use your free time to counteract the health conditions that can occur from lack of exercise and movement. Talk to your boss about getting gym memberships for employees. Or work to create a healthy environment around you and be an example to others. Here are a few other things to think about. 

Exercise As Much As Possible

When you are sitting at your desk all day, you must find opportunities to exercise. Begin your day by walking up the stairs to your office rather than using an elevator. When it is time for a break, don’t remain at your desk. Walk to a different location so you are burning calories and giving your muscles and joints a chance to stretch and loosen up. After your workday, have an exercise routine planned in advance such as visiting a gym, walking to the park, or getting on your bike.

Reduce Daily Calories


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To avoid gaining weight while working at a desk job, reduce your daily intake. Avoid the supersized meals offered at restaurants. Instead of buying greasy hamburgers and fatty milkshakes, choose salads that have chunks of lean chicken. Alternatively, pack your own lunches at home to bring nutritious foods to work rather than relying on cafeteria food or vending machine fare.  

Use Special Equipment At Work

If your place of work has a corporate wellness program, talk to your employer about using different types of equipment so you don’t need to sit all of the time. Some of the equipment available includes computer desks that you can lift or lower so you can stand or sit down to work. You can also find treadmills or small bike pedals that you can use while you are working on a computer. It is also possible to use a light box at your desk so that your body can manufacture additional vitamin D.

Get Professional Massages

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If your desk job is stressful, be sure to visit a day spa occasionally for a professional massage. With a massage, you can relax so that your high blood pressure is reduced and so you have less pain in your back, shoulders, and arms. A massage can increase the blood circulation in your body along with releasing the toxins, helping to prevent illnesses with a boosted immune system.

When you leave work at the end of the day, don’t keep thinking about it. You may need to sit down for a few minutes or meditate so you aren’t thinking about the tasks that weren’t finished. The key to staying healthy with a stressful desk job is to watch your caloric intake, increase your exercise, and do your best to decrease stress. Take time for yourself and don’t let your job dictate your health.


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