Essential Pieces of Equipment You Need to Protect Your Body From Sports Injuries

When it comes any sport, there is always the risk of injury. However, there are a few preventative measures you can take to ensure your safety and long term health. Here are the most important pieces of sports equipment you can get, whether you’re a casual player or a pro.


One of the most important and ubiquitous pieces of sports equipment is the helmet. Whether you’re playing a hard contact sport like football or just going out for a Sunday bicycle ride, head injuries are a threat that can occur in the blink of an eye. Helmets protect against deadly skull fractures and concussions. Rush University Medical Center explains that “Trauma to the brain can occur as a result of an impact, which can cause a concussion or open skull fracture, or a jarring motion, such as a quick turn or sudden stop. Even seemingly mild head injuries, where you don’t lose consciousness, can cause permanent behavioral and cognitive problems, such as memory loss, inability to concentrate, sleep disorders and, in some cases, permanent disability or death.” Don’t make excuses. Get yourself a proper helmet that fits. If you fall, and your helmet takes the blow, remember to replace it if necessary; not all helmets are built to withstand more than one impact.

Knee and Elbow Pads

When it comes to fast-paced, high velocity sports such as skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycling, or hockey, you’re likely to take a few hard falls while trying to perfect that trick or make that jump. According to WebMD, injuries to knees alone “are responsible for sending nearly 15 million Americans to the doctor every year.” Hitting the ground time and time again can take a gigantic toll on important joints, specifically your elbows and knees. Luckily, knee and elbow pads can help take the edge of the pain from falls and reduce risk of more serious injuries. By purchasing a set of knee and elbow pads, you will be able to try to perfect that move more times than you would without them.

Shin Guards

If you play in any sport where your legs take the brunt of the action, you’re going to want a pair of these. Players of soccer, baseball, football, muay thai, and hockey could all use this important protective equipment. Shin guards protect you from impacts that could cause bruises and fractures, whether that impact is coming from an 80 mph baseball or a whopping roundhouse kick from your competitor. There are different kinds of shin guards developed for optimal performance in each sport, so make sure you read up on the kind of shin guard that’s best for your purposes, and read reviews. The cheapest shin guards will probably not offer you the protection you are seeking.

Mouth Guards

In many sports, there is the chance that a ball or another player may accidentally knock you in the face or jaw. This is very dangerous for your teeth and tongue. All Smiles Dentistry recommends mouth guards as universal sports equipment because they “protect the jaw, tongue, cheek lining and teeth during physical activity and sports such as boxing, football, basketball, or other activities where your mouth might get hit.” Unlike other bones, your teeth won’t grow back or heal on their own; they need swift and specialized medical attention if they are cracked or knocked out. Having a mouth guard could prevent painful, permanent, and expensive damage to your teeth. By spending a few dollars on a mouth guard, you will have the peace of mind that your precious smile will stay intact.

These recommendations will help save you some pain and potential time at the doctor’s office. No matter how expensive these pieces of essential equipment might seem when you buy them, they don’t cost anything at all compared to an expensive bill for an emergency room visit. Protect your body. You will be glad you did.


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