Five of the Best Innovations in Modern Medicine

If you haven’t paid much attention to medical news within the last few years, you’d be astonished at the new innovations coming to light. From new cancer treatment methods to improved hospital technology, here are five of the most impressive advances in modern medicine:

Five of the Best Innovations in Modern Medicine

1. Synthetic Blood

Advances in prosthesis and stem cell technology have allowed us to replicate nearly every part of the human body. Despite this, the thought of creating synthetic blood was seen as unrealistic–until now. England has begun safety trials on a synthetic blood substitute, which is expected to mitigate conditions such as sickle-cell anemia very soon.

2. Mobile Stroke Treatment Technology

Seconds count when someone has a stroke–large amounts of neurons die with each minute that passes after a stroke. Mobile Stroke Units, typically staffed by a team of paramedics and imaging specialists, are similar to ambulances, but are more specialized. This team can quickly identify and dissolve blood clots before the patient is transferred to a hospital.

3. Nursing Data Dashboards

Hospitals and medical facilities are always aiming to improve their quality of care. This requires a higher level of communication, which is where nursing dashboards come in: administrative dashboards allow instant communication concerning patients to travel from nurses to doctors. This has countless applications, from effective pain management, to patient satisfaction and staff knowledge.

4. Augmented Reality

The world of augmented reality (AR) goes far beyond video games like Pokemon Go; it has made incredible strides in the world of medicine. Programs like AccuVein provide a complete “map” of a patient’s veins for nurses and phlebotomists.

AR is also changing medical training, providing incredibly realistic surgery simulations. Even more incredible is the idea that, in the future, AR implants may be available for the eyes and ears for the vision- and hearing-impaired.

5. Ultrasound as a Therapy for Alzheimer’s

Australian researchers are at the forefront of an exciting new Alzheimer’s treatment: ultrasound waves. They were able to definitively prove that, in mice, ultrasounds were able to clear plaque from the brain, improving their memory without causing any tissue damage. Tests are underway to determine efficacy in humans.

These are just a few of the incredible recent advances in medical technology, made possible by both new inventions and repurposing existing technology.


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