How to Find the RIGHT Fitness Business Coaches?

Don’t mess with your businesses Success!

Many find that business is not doing well even when though they’re quite  knowlegdable in the subject of fitness training and may even be gifted entreprenuers. Your gym may have the right equipment, ambience and staff, but yet you are unable to achieve the profits that you’ve always dreamt of. It this situation its time to think of hiring a fitness business coach. Choose the right one !

The Pitfalls

Hiring the first business coach you get to know of may ultimately backfire.  Not everyone out there may help to:

– Achieve better communication
– Learn to balance priorities
– Identify strengths and weaknesses
– Identify necessary competencies or skill-sets

Add to this high rates a coach might charge and suddenly you see losses mounting.  However the silver lining is that you can follow some simple guidelines which enable you to choose a fitness business coach who can take your venture to the next level.

The Required Steps

Get hold of the right business coach by careful consideration based on relevant parameters. Since there are no concrete guidelines for doing this, start by evaluating the following:

1. Credentials: evaluating credentials will answer vital questions regarding:

– The formal training that the coach has in the field of business management.
– His or her understanding of organizational dynamics and corporate culture.

You can also get to know whether the coach is a freelancer or an employee of a consulting firm, whether he or she has written books and articles about fitness business coaching, and offers products or services other than coaching.

2. Approach: this will involve an evaluation of how the coach works with the clients. This is important because you would not want a coach who will offer  customized, not standardized, solutions.  Achieve Fitness USA is all about customized solutions as each person or business being coached has a unique situation. No cookie cutter programs here.

3. Expertise: this is to ensure that the coach is an expert in the fitness arena. Read their bio and ask about earlier work. Ask whether they’ve worked in solving the types of problems your business might be facing. Another way to understand their expertise is to look into whether they market themselves as general business coaches or fitness business gurus.

4. Testimonials and referrals: don’t settle for the eloquent testimonials that you can find on the websites of most fitness business coaches – particularly those that are anonymous. Ask for contacts of previous clients and get in touch with them to obtain real feedback.

5. IntrinsicTraits: although this may be difficult to evaluate in the first few meetings, try to understand whether a coach can be a motivator, a good listener, unbiased and direct.

Before settlint on any fitness business coach, keep these points in mind. One way to minimize risk is to use your judgment.  We believe as you read through our Business Coaches bio’s and our incredible licensing program, you’ll be very intrigued.

Most of us have spent up to $10,000 a year on our coaches and we know it is been worth every dime.  Our investment has come back 3x. We now provide you the same valuable services.


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