How to Improve Your Diet During Addiction Recovery

Those struggling with addiction often lose sight of self-care. That’s because for so long, the drug has taken control and become the main focal point of that person’s life. It leaves little time for focusing on much else, including nutrition and overall health. Once a person is on the road to recovery, they can start to make small changes to improve their overall health and well-being.

First and Foremost, Remember To Love Your Body


Depending on how long a person has been an addict, they have quite possibly neglected their body for years, or even decades. It can be an overwhelming task to try and heal from the damage and neglect of an addict’s lifestyle. It’s important to start small. The first step on the road to recovery and proper nutrition is to remember to love yourself. An addict should remember that their body has stuck with them through all the tough times and it’s time to start making healthier decisions to improve the overall quality of life.

Incorporate Wholesome Meals


Many addicts struggle with eating when the drug has a hold on their life. While on the road to recovery, they can start to incorporate more nutritious meals. Resource Recovery claims that “it’s important to start your recovery off right with a well performed detox.” This can be a simple juice cleanse, followed by the reintroduction of healthy, low-carbohydrate foods.

This change doesn’t have to be anything over the top while the body still heals. Sometimes it’s just a matter of remembering to eat a balanced meal for breakfast such as eggs, veggies, and fruit. Once someone has gotten into the routine of eating a healthy breakfast, they can do the same for lunch and dinner. Sometimes, addicts don’t realize just how much of a role proper nutrition plays in their life. It’s needed to get the body back on a healthy track.

Stay Hydrated


Drinking enough water a day is essential. Hydration is even more crucial during the detox process. Clean water is responsible for removing cell waste and toxins. An addict may have gone without water for long periods of time, and therefore it’s essential to start re-introducing water into the routine. Healthline recommends drinking 3 – 3.5 liters of water every day, depending on your level of activity. A person in recovery should carry a water bottle with them throughout the day so that they always have something to sip on. Focusing on this task of consuming enough water also acts as a deterrent to drugs because it gives them an affirmative responsibility on which to focus time and energy.

Consuming Enough Healthy Fats and Calories

avacado deviled eggs

Many addicts are malnourished by the time they seek recovery. That’s because they’ve focused on the drug rather than meals. Therefore, it’s time to get back to a healthy weight by eating healthy fats and calories. Those in recovery should try and eat foods such as avocados, oils, and salad dressings to help put on weight the healthy way.

Recovery is a process every day. Repairing your eating habits can be a struggle, which is why it’s important to start small and focus on the day at present. Small accomplishments such as remembering to drink water or eat a serving of fruit are victories upon which you will build tomorrow.


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