How You Can Maintain a Healthy Brain

As probably the most important organ in the body, the brain is the powerhouse. Of course, you need a healthy heart, but without a healthy brain, physical fitness isn’t much use. Many people don’t really focus on mental wellness. The mind is often taken for granted, but there are simple ways to consistently maintain healthy mental functioning.

Physical Exercise

It’s no secret that physical exercise is important to your overall well-being, but do you know how important exercise is for the health of your brain? As you work out, you’re pumping oxygen through your body, and that includes your brain. You’ll quickly notice that your cognitive abilities are improved. Your memory, attention span, emotions, and reasoning will be clearer, and you’ll feel more at ease. Oxygen is also necessary to stimulate brain repair after traumatic injuries. Whether they’re from car accidents or accidental concussions, brain injuries are serious business. Any head injury is a medical emergency and must be treated quickly. Classic symptoms can include loss of consciousness, confusion, headaches and mood changes. Some symptoms of traumatic brain injuries appear right away, but others can appear days or months after an accident. To help restore proper function, always consider including regular exercise when you’re able.

Mental Exercise

From birth, people spend their lives taking in new information. Our brains are responsible for storing all those details. As we age, our cognitive abilities eventually begin to slow down. Luckily, people can practice mental exercise to keep their minds in top shape. Puzzles are an excellent way to stay sharp. If you regularly put together jigsaw puzzles, you are consistently reinforcing the connections between your brain cells. Your mental speed is improved, and so is your short-term memory. Playing card games such as solitaire and gin rummy can also exercise your brain. Additionally, you could learn or teach a skill. Either way, you’re putting your brain to work.

Eating Healthy

Consuming a healthy diet also helps to keep your brain strong. For the most benefits, you should try eating nutritious foods that contain antioxidants, as well as certain vitamins and minerals. For example, omega-3 fatty acids help to build brain cells, and they must be acquired through the diet. There are many beneficial foods that contain them, including various types of fish and green vegetables. For antioxidants, you should try to regularly consume leafy greens and blueberries. For those who love chocolate, you’ll be happy to know that dark chocolate is also great for your brain function. Nuts and flax seeds are good choices as well.

You have to approach fitness by ensuring your brain also gets a workout and good nutrition. Much like your heart, your brain deserves special attention to keep it running strong and healthy.

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