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We provide an on-going system of cutting-edge education and development to a network of providers around the world who serve in creating a fundamental shift in how we think about health and wellness while providing our patients, clients, and customers a more preventative action approach leading to long-term success.


Dear Ari:


On behalf of the Boys & Girls Club of Venice, thank you very much for your support of our Fourth Annual
Celebrity Golf Invitational. Your generous donation of a TRX Training System & Dvds is hereby
acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

Your support will help us deliver exciting and educational programs to over 4,000 kids and teens each
year. Every single contribution will touch young lives with proven youth development programs which
engage young people in activities based on the physical, emotional, cultural and social needs and
interests of the youth served. The five core program areas include: character and leadership
development, education and career development, health and life skills, arts and cultural enrichment,
and sports, fitness and recreation.

Support such as yours is very meaningful to the Club and will help us reach the at-risk children of Venice
and surrounding areas and further our mission to enable all young people, especially those who need us
most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

Aileen M. Martinez , Boys and Girls Club
“I am a 50 year old man who has been very active all my life. I have always played sports, done weight lifting, backpacking, mountain biking and martial arts.
I have had multiple interventions in my quest for relief of shoulder pain and low back pain. Those interventions included an orthopedic physician who injected my shoulder with steroids, multiple chiropractors, massage therapists, a year and a half of accupuncture and even carefully constructed traditional physical therapy. None of those interventions gave me the relief I needed. Pain is exhausting and I was tired.
I came to Ari 4 months ago needing help with only my intuition guiding me to his treatment table. I told him that it felt like my body was contracting in on itself! He said he uses a blend of many treatment modalities and asked only that I remain committed to regular bodywork sessions with him for maximum benefit.
Remarkably, because I did not believe it possible considering my condition and history, Ari has taken me farther in my flexibility than I ever expected. Even more remarkably, he has opened up the tightness in both my shoulder and low back and the total body heaviness and contraction I felt has been replaced with a lightness and ease which makes living in my body a joyful experience once again.
Ari has a terrific, confident and intuitive way of working around my body. I have yet to feel hesitation or doubt. He does what he needs to with a cool efficiency and clarity which goes a long ways toward making me feel comfortable and trusting.
I have worked in medicine for a long time and I know quality technique and practice of craft when I see it.
I wholeheartedly recommend Ari to anyone who wants to feel better in their body. I know now that I feel so much better in mine.”
Martin Hannon, PA-C, Physician Assistant

Hey Ari, I just want to thank you for the advice you’ve given me while Im over here in Europe. My leg has gotten increasingly better. This time next year I plan on being just as flexible and strong in my flexibility as you. Thanks again man. Looking to do more.

Dominique Arnold
110 Meter Hurdler / Professional Athlete

“Ari deeply cares about each and every person he works with. I first met him when a seated massage person flaked out on me and I needed to find a replacement for an important event I was producing. I cold-called Ari and told him about my predicament. He said look no further for your wellness provider solution for any events. It’s been a couple of years and I haven’t looked any further because Ari delivers with quality, integrity and consistency every time. He’s a man who has battled very adverse life circumstances and has overcome them and has become an expert in the process. He loves to share what he knows and he loves to help people. Do I recommend him? Let me put it this way. With Ari in your life, you are blessed. If he’s doing it, it’s because he believes in it. And you can bet if he’s doing it, you’re going to want to be a part of it too.”

A.J. Ali

On The Tee with A.J. Ali, Marathon Of Miracles, Network for a Cure, Survivor Celebration Producer, Activist


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