Tips for Returning to a Regular Exercise Routine


Getting back into a useful exercise program can be hard, especially if you've been living a sedentary or overall unhealthy lifestyle for a while. Once you’ve made the promise or commitment to change, you’ve passed the first hurdle. There are some ways you can get back into the groove. Here are some tips for adjusting to your new lifestyle! Get Music Involved Music is a huge motivator. It can push you to get moving in any situation, including exercise. If you want to get hyped up to get back into exercise, your best move would be to create a mix [...]

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A Cheater’s Remorse!!!


  Cheating is sometimes fun but in the long run it always has consequences.  For instance, planning for a wedding and packing up a house and transitioning your life from what you have known for so long to moving to a completely different location and way of being, can be an ultimately stressful experience.  You may be tempted and pulled into directions you would not normally go and cross lines that would otherwise seem like something you would never do.  It may even have some long term consequences that you would rather not have to experience. Yes, I am talking about [...]

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