Full Transparency in the Health and Wellness Industry


Ari Gronich, member of the Clear Directory, joins host Justin Recla to discuss full transparency in the health and wellness industry. Ari is The Performance Therapist and brings experience working with Olympic, Paralympic, professional, and amateur athletes for almost 20 years. He has over 25,000 hours of hands on work and 5000 plus hours of training and internship. Listen in to hear him talk about what transparency in health and wellness looks like. Welcome to the In The Clear Podcast. I am your host Justin Recla. Today, folks, you’re in for a [...]

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Beat Chronic Pain


Many people with chronic pain believe that physical activity should be avoided because it could damage their muscles and joints and actually worsen their pain. This is a common misconception. To the contrary, exercise can actually help reduce pain. During physical activity your body releases chemicals called endorphins and enkephalins that block pain signals from reaching your brain. These chemicals have also been shown to alleviate anxiety and depression, conditions than make pain more difficulty to control. Exercise has been proven to strengthening muscles and ligaments which can reduce stress on painful joints. If you are ready for a solution for [...]

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Make Surgery Your Last Resort


Surgeons are some of the greatest snake-oil salesman around.  They don’t just sell you a tonic.  They convince you that only by cutting you open can they heal your ills.  Their solutions don’t just cost a few bucks…we’re talking thousands of dollars and then weeks of tedious and difficult rehab to rebuild, in many cases, the very tissue they cut into.  In some cases that may be necessary. But wouldn’t it make sense to try the less invasive approach first. Work with your body’s natural ability to rebuild and heal whenever possible. Use surgery only as a last resort…not the first [...]

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