Tips for Getting Your Workout in When You Work a Full-Time Job

The benefits of working out are obvious: It can improve your health, make your mind sharper, and ultimately make you more productive at the office. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy, and working out with a full-time job can be a huge challenge. How can you squeeze in physical activity when you are so busy in the office? Here are a few tips.

Bike to Work

For some people, particularly those who are paid by the hour, schedule changes simply aren’t possible. As such, you have to squeeze in a workout wherever you can. To that end, biking to work may work for you. Biking is a great physical activity, good for the environment, and much more pleasant and scenic than simply driving in the morning or relying on mass transit if your streets are bike-friendly and you don’t have to rush.

Biking to work has several benefits. Just be aware of the potential risks that biking to work can have, including rush-hour traffic and aggressive or distracted drivers, warns Salinas Law. Always wear a helmet, and be aware of these possible dangers.

Workout During Your Lunch Break

If possible, see if you can squeeze in a workout during your lunch break. This requires a bit of legwork ahead of time, as you will need to find a gym near your office, give yourself ample time to get there, conduct your workout and shower so you are ready to return to the office. It also may mean that you have to quickly eat lunch at your desk. However, the benefits here are more than just enhancing your own convenience.

Working out at lunch can leave your mind sharper and enhance your productivity for the rest of the day. It may help you better cope with the challenges of the rest of the day, and help ensure that you don’t get drowsy around mid-afternoon.

See What Schedule Changes Can Be Accommodated

Depending on your office environment and job responsibilities, you may be able to change your schedule slightly to allow for a workout. For example, if you find that you just need thirty extra minutes to squeeze in a morning workout, try talking with your supervisor at the office and seeing if you can push your start time back, or chop thirty minutes off your lunch to give you the time you need to get in a workout. If you are paid on an hourly basis or work in retail, this may not be possible for you. If, however, you work in a management role, you may be able to make this happen, as long as you show a willingness to make up any lost time or work.

Though challenging, working out while you have a full-time job is absolutely possible. With a little bit of extra effort, you can make this happen. Follow the advice above and you will stand a good chance of gaining all the benefits of working out while still managing your workload in the office.

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