Tips for Returning to a Regular Exercise Routine

Getting back into a useful exercise program can be hard, especially if you’ve been living a sedentary or overall unhealthy lifestyle for a while. Once you’ve made the promise or commitment to change, you’ve passed the first hurdle. There are some ways you can get back into the groove. Here are some tips for adjusting to your new lifestyle!

Tips for Returning to a Regular Exercise Routine

Get Music Involved

Music is a huge motivator. It can push you to get moving in any situation, including exercise. If you want to get hyped up to get back into exercise, your best move would be to create a mix CD or MP3 collection of the most adrenaline pumping songs you can think of. Spotify and Pandora also have pre-made workout collections you can move to when you need a little motivation. Rock and roll, pop, and hip-hop are some good genres for getting your body shaking when you need to.

Start Small

Another way that you can get yourself back into the routine is by starting small before you sign up for a fitness program. Don’t overdo anything. Take your time and exercise a little bit at a time. Be sure to start with what you feel comfortable with. If you don’t have a lot of arm strength to begin with, don’t try to power through a ton of bicep pump workouts right at first. Maybe you can start at home doing small workouts before signing onto anything huge. If anything, they’ll get your joints and muscles ready to participate in the heavy artillery stuff later on.

Get an Accountability Partner

You can get yourself an accountability partner like they have in many types of sobriety accountability program models. An accountability partner is a person you trust who can monitor your activity and let you know when you need to hold off or go bigger. This person can also help you in terms of staying inspired and motivated to exercise. In sobriety programs, the accountability partner helps support the other person in staying sober and will be their point of reference.

Your accountability partner has to be trustworthy. It has to be a person with whom you do not mind sharing the complete truth. That’s the only way that including this person in your plan will work.

Reward Yourself

Finally, you can reward yourself to get back into the routine and push yourself to keep going. Choose something you like more than anything else and reward yourself with loads of it every time you complete an exercise program or something you said you would do. You may want to reward yourself with a tasty smoothie, a movie, or one of your favorite treats. Use whatever gets you going.

Those are just a few quick suggestions that can help you re-involve yourself with exercise after taking a break. They will most likely work for you, and then you can start feeling healthier and better about yourself every day as you move toward bigger goals.



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