Why Are Ancient Medicines Coming Back into the Spotlight?

Many people are starting to realize that ancient medical practices may be the right choice for them. There are medical techniques, including acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal medications, and chiropractic therapy that are making major comebacks in the 21st century.

People Are Understanding the Politics and Economics of Medicine

Many people are becoming skeptical that major drug companies and some health care providers may be playing games with people’s health. According to MM&M, “people commonly point to Big Pharma and the healthcare industry as being greedy and having deep pockets. Frequent examples are the unreasonable rise of cost for insulin and medicine for HIV, both of which received much media attention.” Another example, many believe that the cure for cancer is readily available, but drug companies make billions each year off these drugs. Therefore, they refuse to let answers come out. It is not just cancer, however, as some believe that there are already answers being covered up for problems like cavities. Others argue that political games are being played with people’s health to stop answers to major health issues from coming out.

People Trust Medicines That Stand the Test of Time

There’s something comforting to people about medicines and remedies that have been passed down for generations. In their article on doTERRA essential oils, The New York Times explains “for many consumers, alternative medicine represents a purer and more ancient form of medicine, some with Biblical overtones — all those scriptural references to anointing and healing — and none of the baggage of the contemporary health care system. These medicines speak to a common desire for self-sufficiency and not needing to receive outside help.” For example, many find it comforting to use relaxation techniques when they have a stress headache or to smell some peppermint to help tight muscles relax. Since these health solutions have stood the test of time, many find think they are safe to use. In fact, many find the idea of natural remedies comforting.

People Like Choices

While modern medicine often tells you exactly what drug you need to be taking with very little input on your part, people like to have choices as it makes them feel as though they have control of their own health care. Apex Chiropractic & Wellness explains, “many also like the option of alternative medicines because it treats the actual cause of the problem, not the symptom. Claiming that alternative medicine works to understand and treat the disease of the patient. It also feels much safer than the clinical and unnatural feeling pharmaceuticals.” There are many ancient procedures that can be used in combination with modern medicine. For example, people who have are not feelings well  often find that combining the right remedies with sleeping in a room with a humidifier filled with lavender helps them breathe easier. They are also finding that your mother may have been right when she gave you chicken soup because the hot soup helps break up the congestion while providing nourishment.

People want to be in control of their health. For some, that means turning away from modern health practices. Others, however, find that the right combination for them is in using both ancient and modern health solutions.


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